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Welcome to
The Core Family Health Centre

This Centre houses a variety of health-care practitioners to help you towards your physical and emotional goals. We feel confident there is someone here who will be able to assist you regardless if those goals include: improved well-being, regular family physician care, recovery from motor vehicle injury, reduction in pain, support during pre- and post-natal periods, or moving through an emotionally intense time. We invite you to look through the menu to your right for descriptions of the modalities offered.

As our building is centered around a family medical practice, the practitioners throughout the Centre adhere to the highest levels of professionalism and ethics. We hope that this professionalism, our desire to understand you, and the atmosphere of our beautiful Queen Anne-style building will provide the support you need. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are unsure which method is best suited to your situation.

With Best Wishes,
Vineet Nair, MD, CCFP and Andrea Nair, M.A., CCC
Co-owners of The Core Family Health Centre

Our Core Values

  • Improve our lives and deepen our connections. The more connected we are to ourselves; the more we can connect with you.

  • Respect the environment. We built this Centre from a century-old brick home. We pulled all the old and unsafe material out of the inside and replaced it with environmentally sustainable options such as: super high efficiency furnace and wiring (our utility bills are under $500 per month!), bamboo flooring, Aura paint which has the lowest VOC possible, and we wired the whole building for Electronic Medical Records—no paper charts. In terms of the outside of the building, we planted a native plant species garden instead of (the high environmental cost of maintaining) grass. These plants need little watering and are chosen to flower throughout the year. Also, on a personal level, we (Vineet and Andrea) moved so we live within walking distance of our clinic. We have one vehicle and each bike or walk to work.

  • Seek help and grow through our challenges. We know times of great stress and transition are hard—we have experienced many such times. We hope to rely on each other and those around us to do okay through difficult times and then share our learning and experience with you.

  • Take care of ourselves. We cannot expect to help you if we are exhausted or are not taking care of ourselves.

  • Offer you support that is helpful. We will go to professional development courses and learn from each other so that what we do is ethical and at the highest standard of our profession.

  • Be present. You are important to us so we strive to get to know you and pay attention to what is concerning you or exciting you.

  • Be open for improvement. If you feel uncomfortable or unhappy in your experience at our Centre, please do let us know. We want you to feel cared for and supported, and if that is not the case, it is important that we do correct that.

What We Offer

Family Medical Clinic

At the Core Family Health Centre, our intention is to offer our patients full service family medicine. We strive to have space for you to see your family doctor on the same day that you need to.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy program focus is to help you achieve your treatment goal as timely as possible. By working within our Centre, and with a complete team of health professionals, we are uniquely able to provide complete therapeutic care.

Physiotherapy & Pilates

In a world where healthcare resources are stretched, and clients are often caught up in the system, we strive to make the process of injury rehabilitation and recovery more understandable, efficient, and effective.


Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Explore how your life could change to be the way you would like it to be.