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Our Practitioners

Kubet Weston

Physiotherapist and Certified
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Kubet Weston is a physiotherapist with more than twelve years experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and is a STOTT PILATES Certified Rehab Instructor.

As a member of the Canadian Olympic Rowing team, Kubet lived and worked in London, Ontario and competed around the world. She won four World Championship medals, and was a member of the team at the Sydney Olympics. She continues to work with Rowing Canada travelling as a physiotherapist internationally, and working locally with the elite athletes.

Kubet lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia for 6 years and developed an interest in integrating Clinical Pilates stabilization principles and exercises to rehabilitate and prevent injuries. She returned to Canada with her husband and two young boys in 2006. She maintains a love of Aussie wine, and the appreciation of a work-life balance, while bringing energy and commitment to her practice, her profession and her patients.



Physiotherapy & Pilates at the CFHC

The Physiotherapy and Pilates at The Core Family Health Centre is run by Skye Physiotherapy & Pilates.

By focusing on patient care and helping our clients to achieve their goals in a warm and caring environment, we've established a niche in London, Ontario.

In a world where healthcare resources are stretched, and clients are often caught up in the system, we strive to make the process of injury rehabilitation and recovery more understandable, efficient, and effective.

Our focus on both the treatment and management of injuries promotes efficient and effective recovery. Our therapists bring together a diverse experience base in Clinical Pilates, Spinal and Sports Injury Management, Manual Therapy, Pain Management and Rehabilitation. We have collective experience, a thirst for knowledge, and a process that works!

Physiotherapy Overview

Skye Physiotherapy London offers a comprehensive and specialised approach to injury and rehabilitation management. Treatment is provided in a modern, fully equipped and newly established family medical centre. We take pride in offering a unique facility in a warm, friendly atmosphere. All physiotherapy appointments take place in comfortable, private treatment rooms. There is an exercise area for our main rooms and a light-filled basement studio for additional exercise programming.

Utilizing the most effective treatments including manual therapy, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, taping and bracing, and exercise rehabilitation, our focus is on resolving pain and limitation, and restoring optimal function.

With our in-depth understanding of musculoskeletal disorders and body biomechanics, we are able to effectively treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Pre/Post Natal Pelvic and Back Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Postural Problems
  • Motor Vehicle and Workplace Injuries
  • Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

The practitioners at Skye Physiotherapy + Pilates are highly qualified and experienced in the field of Physiotherapy. We bring a wealth of experience in Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, and Pilates. But, most importantly we love what we do!

Pilates Overview

Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise that was developed at the turn of the century. Pilates can transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a balance in your body. It teaches body awareness and good posture. Pilates improves flexibility, agility and can help you move with ease and grace.

Clinical Pilates is a modified form of Pilates method that integrates the principles of rehabilitation, core stabilization, and movement retraining with the Pilates principles of control, balance, focus, and breath. At Skye Physiotherapy & Pilates, you are under the supervision of a certified therapist with training and extensive knowledge of spinal and peripheral stabilization. Pilates is effective for:

  • General conditioning
  • Early Active Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Sports Conditioning and Performance
  • Spinal conditions including pain, surgical, scoliosis, postural dysfunction
  • Pre and Post Natal Women
  • Continence and Pelvic Floor retraining
  • Medical Rehab - MS, Fibromyalgia, Breast Cancer

We invite you to visit the Skye Physiotherapy & Pilates website for more information.